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food packaging

Packaging of various materials is something we all interact with on a daily basis. Whether it’s metal cans, plastic bottles, and cardboard paper, these things typically end up in the bin. According to statistics, consumer packaging contributes the most amount of plastic and paper waste. And with the rise of global temperature issues, the need for a better alternative ensues.

Whether you’re a budding food entrepreneur or if you’re on a noble pursuit to help mother nature, here are some of the reasons to try alternatives when wrapping up your rations.

1. You leave less carbon footprint

Compared to traditional food packaging, eco friendly food packaging uses different means of manufacturing and production. The methods they use are specifically selected to reduce the various phases and processes involving raw material extraction and overall production. By doing so, both human activities and the use of petrol fueled heavy machinery are minimized which results in these products leaving less carbon footprint. Furthermore, eco friendly food packaging uses less natural resources in production by using biodegradable, recycled materials reducing the need to involve sourcing other parties that could add up to the overall carbon footprint in its production.

2. It’s good for the business

While using eco friendly food packaging is good for mother nature, it also has some positive implications if you are running a food business. First, because eco friendly food packaging requires less human activity and energy-hungry machinery, the cost of these packaging materials won’t be as high as traditional food packaging. And anything that lets you bring the cost of your business puts you in an advantageous position. Next, using eco friendly supplies can become a part of your brand message. This gives your business an identity and can set you apart from the monotonous sea of brands and products in the food industry. Your business can be identified as a brand that cares about the earth which makes for a positive brand message. According to research, customers are more likely to engage in businesses who are ecologically oriented nowadays compared to those who are not. Lastly, eco friendly packaging is versatile and can be used for other purposes other than to wrap your Chiko rolls and Hotdogs in. You can repurpose these packaging items instead of shooting them straight to the bin.

3. It’s good for your customers

Sustainable packaging is not only good for your business but also good for your customers. Traditional food packaging is usually laden with chemicals made from synthetic materials. Petrochemical products have been linked to health problems when used with food. And while we all are used to wrapping food in plastic, using eco friendly packaging actually preserves the taste and aroma of most food products. That said, enviro friendly packaging is made with materials that are free from toxins and allergens that can irritate or otherwise be downright harmful for most consumers. Using environmentally friendly packaging can let your customers lead a healthier lifestyle. Remember, healthy customers make for better shoppers.

4. Can help expand customer base

As we’ve briefly covered above, many consumers nowadays tend to be more conscious towards the product they spend their money on. Studies show that it makes a customer feel better and thus make them go with a brand that does its part in preserving nature. Adults who have been born after the ‘90s prefer eco friendly items that are sustainable and recyclable generally affecting their buying decision. As a business, you’d want to get that chunk of the market and going green when it comes to your packaging, which can take you a step further to grow and expand your customer base. Choosing eco friendly food packaging can attract more customers that have the potential to return to your business based on your attitude towards the environment.

5. They’re easy to dispose of

Green packaging is only either compostable or recyclable which makes this packaging easy to dispose of. A compostable packaging is designed to break down in a manner that is kinder to the environment. Recyclable packaging, on the other hand, can be used again and reused to serve a different purpose.


Because of the increasing awareness about green packaging many businesses, especially consumers, lean towards products that use these materials. The positive shift towards eco friendly products and food packaging has been a great step towards building better businesses that are environmentally sensitive.

And although we still do not have a large quantity of eco friendly materials, those that are available are significant enough.